SuperShoppers Preferred Partner MSP Monthly Membership  JUN15-JUL15

SuperShoppers Preferred Partner MSP Monthly Membership JUN15-JUL15

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 As a SuperShoppers' Preferred Partner MSP you gain access to numerous perks!  Check out the list below.


1.  You will get a list of SuperShopper Video Trainees each month following the final Live Webinar Training, along with their contact info.  Live Webinar attendees have requirements they must complete at the end of each webinar, along with a quiz, before they can move to the next Live Webinar.  At the end of the Final Webinar Quiz, they are given an official SuperShoppers Certificate that shows that they have completed the SuperShoppers Training.  

2.  Your schedulers, or you, can attend ANY Live Webinar Training Session, where you will get a shout-out from SuperShopperSteve, and you will be welcome to chat with individuals in the room during the webinar! 

3.  Your schedulers, or you, will be welcome to pop in on any of SuperShopperSteve's LIVE TikTok sessions, where you also will get a shout-out and introduction from SuperShopperSteve! 

4.  Your company will be listed in our Training as a Preferred SuperShopper MSP, along with links for the Attendees to click to sign up with your company right away! 

5.  Your company will be given a special Discount Code, branded with your Company Name, that you can give to your own shoppers or prospects so they can save money on equipment and training! 

6.  In addition to our LIVE Webinars, we will soon have EVERGREEN Recorded Webinars that cover specific topics, and can be watched at any time by shoppers who are SuperShopper Subscribers.