SD CARDS through Amazon Prime

SD CARDS through Amazon Prime

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  • Good SD Cards are a MUST for Video Mystery Shoppers, and there are several things to keep in mind when shopping for cards. 

  • We recommend the Sandisk 16GB, Class 10, 80Mb/second transfer speed.
  • The 16GB size is great for a day full of shops, and you always want to look for "Class 10" cards. 

    Also, the transfer speed is important in two areas.  First, many times the DVR is recording and saving to the disk at the same time, and you want that process to go as quickly as possible to avoid problems.  Secondly, when you transfer the files from your SD card to your laptop, they will transfer much faster with these cards
  • The best price we have found for a 5-pack of these cards, including the adaptors that allow you to insert them in your laptop or desktop, is on Amazon, and they range from $27 to $31 for the 5 pack. (The $31 price is from Amazon Prime, which we always use because of the return policy and the quicker shipping.) Use the link below to take a look at the cards that we use ourselves!

  • If you are using an older DVR like the ECO or the EVO2, you can still use these cards and always keep them in their adapters, OR you can get the full size SD cards that are a little cheaper in the link below.