Wi-Fi Stick Camera

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This Wi-Fi Stick Camera brings one touch recording and remote viewing to a durable body worn camera. It features:

  • Wi-fi control from mobile app download Vcamer from you app store
  • Battery operated for up to 2 hours of continuous recording
  • Record video or take still pictures
  • 1080p high resolution video
  • TF card up to 64GB of recording
  • P to P Wi-Fi ( no remote viewing)

Use the Wi-fi Stick Camera to:

  • Record sensitive law enforcment situations
  • Record video during private investigations
  • Add to your loss prevention tool kit

Our Wi-Fi Stick Camera is the latest and greatest in police and law enforcement grade body-worn cameras. Record and stream high quality footage during law enforcement investigations and police under-cover operations and stings. Or quickly capture and send high quality still images via Wi-Fi directly to anyone who may need a copy. 

Need to investigate inventory shrinkage, possible employee theft or corporate espionage in your business? This is the perfect spy cam for the task! This tiny stick cam is easily hidden from view so you can covertly capture and transmit via Wi-Fi valuable information that could protect your business and increase your bottom line.